The road to Wrestlemania in leading to Miami ….

By Jose “Loudmouth” Gonzalez

The match of the week

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan. A champion versus champion match. you know, its amazing that both punk and bryan who were both great indy wrestlers. who a lot of critics thought they would never be on top of the WWE universe are both world champions. But before that match can go on Chris Jericho makes an apperance and well let out why he believe that cm punk ripped him off.

so, 2 for the price of 1. CM Punk and Chris Jericho

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan. A champion versus champion match

The match of the week (cm punk vs. daniel bryan) i was just cracking up when you had John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long going at it. i mean wow, im just wondering if maybe just maybe there could be wrestlemania angle there. Maybe a match where you ever loses gets
fired and the winner gets to run both Raw and Smackdown shows.well you heard
first here. So, WWE had something awesome on there website. They did an interview with hall of famer, HBK Shawn Michaels. During the interview HBK got a little heated. check it out (heres the link)

Question of the week

Sitting in my office looking over the beautiful view that i have, come to realize that every moment we have on this earth, we should treasure them. Treasure every great moment that we see. Especially this past Monday on raw where you had The Rock cutting a great promo(kind of) and then John Cena come on in and doesn’t lay the typical john cena promo.
He put some vemon in it. I mean this angle is being made to look like a real life confrontation. no scripted B.S. this was real. Even after john said his piece and walked away, rock didnt anything. almost like he was puzzled. So, my question of the day is do you think john cena has the upper hand in this angle?

Dark match of the week

As we all know wwe studios is releasing its newest movie called bending the rules. Starring Jamie Kennedy and WWE hall of fame inductee Edge. im just glad edge is finding other ways to make a living. true legend in the business. so in honor of his movie and wrestlemania 28, here is Edge vs. Mick Foley in a hardcore match.

In closing take care and ill catch yo next week.


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