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Editors note: We sat down with the ladies from the Dirty Laundry to watch the The 84th Academy Awards, the Oscars to get their perspective on the nights event. The following is how the conversation went.

Hey Guys Its Angie and Ezzy form TheDirty Laundry for your inside scoop on The Biggest Award Night of The year The 84th Academy Awards- the Oscars.

Angie: The Biggest awards show of the year was Specular with Billy Crystal’s presence, not only did Billy slam a couple of jokes but showed the world that he’s got voice! Someone Please send this man to American Idol!

Ezzy: Now the question is who took an Oscar home. The first award goes to “Hugo” for Cinematography and Art Direction. You Go HUGO!!

Angie: The Third Award goes to “A Separation” for Best Foreign Language Film, Well that’s puts a good reason for Iran, You won an Oscar! The Fourth award of the night goes to the beautiful Octavia Spencer for Best Supporting Actress; her speech was like no other the win was very surprising for Mrs. Spencer REACTION: Very Emotional

Ezzy: HA! My prediction was RIGHT!

Angie: The Next Award goes to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for Film Editing;

Angie and Ezzy: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (same time) YES!

Ezzy: Well that film was a great piece of work. Next Hugo takes two more Oscars for sound Editing and Sound Mixing. Next Oscar winner goes to Undefeated for Best Documentary Feature, a film about a football team which goes though struggles and wins their Big Game.
Angie: The Best Makeup can fool anyone The Iron Lady takes home the award for Best Makeup and Who said animated Films don’t count Rango takes an Oscar Home for Best Animated Feature. The Award for Visual Effects goes to Hugo; Another Important award goes to Christopher Plummer for Best Supporting Actor. Don’t you love it when the winner tells his story about his life for a speech!

Ezzy: Every film has an Original Piece that it makes its final touch, The Artist takes home the Award for Best Original Score. For Original Song the Oscar goes to The Muppets for “man or Muppet”.

Angie: As Angelia Jolie dress is hard but is put together so easy! The Descendants take home an Oscar for Adapted Screenplay.

Ezzy: Angelia looked sexy tonight that one leg show sure was an award taker right Brad!

Angie: True that! The Award for Original Screenplay was taken by Midnight in Paris. An Original screenplay is not made easy.

Ezzy: A Short Film with a meaning takes home an Oscar, The Shore for Best Short Film (Live Action) and Saving face wins an award for Best Documentary Short Film.

Angie: For a film about flying books, The Fantastic Flying Books for Mr. Morris Lessmore takes home an award for Best Short Animated Film. For Good Directing, it’s the beginning for a great film. The Artist wins for Best Directing and Ezzy how about the tribute to the passed Artist of entertainment the song “What a Wonderful World” really does adds that big touch.

Ezzy: Oh my God yes! Elizabeth Taylor, Steve Jobs and they remembered about Whitney Houston! It sends that warmth to the heart.
Now Natalie Portman looked beautiful in that red dress!

Angie: FABULOUS!! and for a first time nominee Jean Duiardin wins his first award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Ezzy: Wow!! God is good then! And Meryl Streep never disappoints once again she takes home the Oscar for Best Actress for a Leading Role.
At Last the Final award of the Night Best Picture



Angie and Ezzy: (same time) THE ARTIST!

Angie: This film is very unique! A black and white film is rarely seen and you can see the challenges in this film.

Ezzy: Well the show was different and Billy kept coming in with jokes!! But the theme was perfect “Old Classics”

Angie: Well guys that’s it for tonight

Ezzy: you’re inside scoop for the Oscars
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