WWE Elimination Chamber, Raw and the Question of the week.

By Jose “Loudmouth” Gonzales

It has been a crazy week in my world. But not crazy enough for me to pull me away from watching wwe raw. so, last Sunday was the WWE elimination chamber PPV. first, lets start it off with raw and there main event with CM Punk coming out sore and victorious at the pay per view. With the controversy of CM Punk not eliminating Chris Jericho but knocking him out and doctors saying “he wasnt fit to compete.” left a lot on the plate for the fans. But the intern general manager John Laurinaitis descide to do a battle royal and by sheer luck (thanks to Cody Rohode) Chris Jericho will face CM Punk for the WWE championship at Wrestlemania 28. during the match Smackdown Superstar Wade Barrett was injured during the match with a possible broken arm. CM Punk was guest commentator.

Check it out(BTW check the fan with a cm punk for president sign. classic)

The real John Cena is back!
I’m really excited about the John Cena vs.The Rock angle. For the first time in a long time we may finally see the doctor thuganamics come back. I mean the promo or “shoot” promo that John Cena did was probably one of his best he has ever done. Only because it came from the heart. I mean lets not forget about the short segment he had with Eve Torres and him trending on twitter talking about losing a broski for hoe-ski. This is what the people or better yet this is what every guy who has reach puberty has been waiting for.

The real John Cena.

Match of the week

My match of the week was Kofi Kingston/R-Truth vs. Epico and Primo. Good match but too short. i think we may have a possible wrestlemania 28 match -up. But you be the judge.

Question of the week

do you really believe that the undertaker is going to lose at wrestlemania 28?
That question has been coming up alot
lately. Especially between my circle of friends , and now that this will be a hell in a cell match. well this will be a wrestlemania to remember.

Dark match of the week

On a side note, Ron Simmon better known to the WWE fans  as Faarooq is going to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame. what a great honor for him. Ron Simmon was the first ever African American world champion. He has set trail for other great African American wrestlers, and in honor of that our dark match of the week (matches that are not televised ).   I couldn’t find a good portion of the match luckily i found this one…. enjoy!