Its time for some Suplex action, F-U slamming……blogging

by Jose “Loud Mouth” Gonzalez

As i review raw and smackdown from my BAD ASS palace I’m starting to see certain story lines play out more. But first here is something i found on the net. As i watched wrestling naturally i became a fan, but there are fans and then there are these “fans”, that really take it to heart…


My match of the night is Kofi Kingston versus Chris Jericho. those the match was a bit short to me it shows that WWE is giving Kofi Kingston a chance to possibly have a chance at a world championship. With the suspension and maybe being released Evan Bourne his tag team partner. Looks like their going to give a chance real possible chance to quote unquote “run with the ball” BOOM!!!!!!!!



its two questions of the week. first is did you think the opening segment of RAW (the debate) was boring, boring, boring, or “Wow refreshing”?. Second Question is are you liking the angle of John Cena turning heel with him and Eve kissing and the broski himself Zack Ryder finding out?



Eve and John Cena kiss


In closing, last Mondays RAW supershow, i just want to saw that i am  glad there trying to show more backstage story lines, for instance HBK Shawn Michael made his return to RAW last Monday and he and Triple h had some what of a confrontation in the ring and HBK really use some real life material when he goes on about how triple h is ruthless and how he “kills careers.” rather then tell you more let me just show you(its a 2-part video)

Shawn Michael, Triple H, and The Undertaker pt.1


Shawn Michael, Triple H, and The Undertaker pt.2