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by Jose “LoudMouth” Gonzalez

Welcome to jungle….. of professional wrestling. this is a new section i talk about all things professional wrestling. WWE, TNA, etc. you want it, i got it. In the bleachers xtra.  where the only marks you see on this show is on your shirt.

Match of the Week

On Feb 6th  WWE RAW showcased the six-pack challenge featuring CM PUNK, DOLPH ZIGGLER, THE MIZ, R-TRUTH, CHRIS JERICHO and, KOFI KINGSTON

John Cena performance: Overkill or Sublime?
Wrestling writer Wade Keller talks about the performance of John Cena saying “he looks like he’s taking a poop.” to be fair he didnt say that, a fan did. but for him to go on and say the performace of John Cena and or any WWE performer are horrible is just over kill. but you be the judge


Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan

Has this big show/daniel bryan/AJ angle passed its course?


Triple H explains why he did not accept Undertaker’s challenge…..

As wrestlemania 28 approaches, i recently asked myself this question. Am i excited to see Triple H vs. The Undertaker again at wrestlemania 28? im between the fence in this. On one hand you have these two legends, these two future hall of famers who are going to tear the roof on. On the other side….well i ‘ve already seen it. what else can they do? undertaker who’s probably pushing 50 or more cant continue on. this wrestlemania will probably be his last match. so i ask the question, Are you excited to see Triple H vs. The Undertaker again at wrestlemania 28?

Our “Dark Match” of the week !!

WWE No Way Out 2004 Eddie Guerrero Vs Brock Lesnar
Our match of the week is 2004 WWE No Way Out main event. Former WWe and UFC champion Brock Lesnar verus Eddie Guerrero for the WWE championship. It was Eddie Guerrero first WWE championship match and was the first latino since Pedro Morales to win the title. may he live in our hearts and memories. VIVA LA RAZA!!


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