Giants among Patriots

by Benny R. Lorie

Congrats to the G-men winning their fourth title and the second in a four years. Congrats on Eli Manninig on winning his second title and second Super Bowl MVP title, now can all the haters please stand up and zip your mouths shut, because If I recall how all of you felt that when Eli Manning won his first title it was a fluke. Well please by all means just shut up, the reason why I say that is because everyone has been hating on the Eli and the G-men for quit some time like I don’t know…… say since he got drafted, people thought that he was soft or wasn’t clutch, or didn’t know how to win the big one. But can you guys at least now see that Eli is now one of the best to ever play the game. Do you realize that little Eli is better than big brother Payton based on the fact that he now has one more ring than Payton and he threw for 4,933 yards and 29 TD’s this
season,  and the last 3 seasons he has thrown for over 4,000 yards and over 25 TD’s. In my opinion, he is elite and a future HOF. Oh let me not forget Tom Coughlin, where most of the people wanted him out of New York for like the last 3 years. But I guess he shut you up as well. So please can you so called ‘experts’ stop picking ‘the Giants to lose’ or ‘this coach needs to go’ or how about this one… ‘he will never be his brother’ ( by the way I guess you are the same people who talked smack about Archie), so not only did Eli and Tom shut up ‘the idiots’ out there but they shut them up pretty good with a 21-17 victory over the patriots (by the way I predicted that the G-men would win in OT 24-17 so hows that for almost getting it right) so with that I just wanna say congrats to the g-men on winning the Super Bowl, by the way everyone else can go fly a kite.