I.C.W. miami’s Battle Rumble 2012


I want to start off by saying that again for those that do know me if you been living under a tree I’m a huge wrestling fan, but mainly WWE.  So to my surprise my 1st ever assignment was to cover a WWE event in Biscayne BLVD. to celebrate the official start to Wrestlemaina 28 in Miami. Adding to that was the fact that I was going, was one thing that I can take off my bucket list.  So my job was to interview the fans for this event and as I had stated in 1st blog (look it up it’s the one with the picture of a mask on top of my press pass) they were as excited as I was so my question was to ask them who would win between the rock and john cena, (and of course I got mixed responses) so as I was making my rounds  to ask the peeps the question I bumped into one particular group of dudes who were not only excited about this event but also excited about there company, and they called it International Championship Wrestling (or I.C.W. Miami for short).

My first thought was ok cool I’m talking to some pro Indy wrestlers and also getting there company plugged in and spreading the word which I’m very cool with that, and while I was speaking to Skorpio,  Mykal Manix, and Vega I asked them about I.C.W. and what it was about (the eyes of all those guys turned into excitement as a kid waiting for Christmas day to come) they talked about the talent, the venue, and everything that I.C.W. Miami stands for.

After the interview there were mutual thoughts of us trying to do something again. So after the event we tried to get in contact with them but for some reason we couldn’t ( you guys know me I never give up) so after a couple of months we finally got a hold of them to cover there event.

I was super excited but also a little worried due to not imageknowing what to expect form I.C.W. cause well first of all I’ve never been to a Indy wrestling event so I went with a hope that I would be entertained, and that’s what exactly happened, as I.C.W. was holding there Battle Rumble at the Polish American Club to a huge crowd ( I believe there was like maybe over 350 people in that place and I’m just lowballing the number) and my overall experience was brought down to one word WOW. I mean this event had me going I was on the
edge of my seat for most of the match and I’m trying to work at the same time (which is very tough to do, I believe I suck at multitasking) every match from top to bottom was cutting edge over the top entertainment, that had me and the large followers of I.C.W. going nuts, from cheering to booing to mocking the refs to hearing a I.C.W. chant followed by a holy Sh#t chant men, and woman of all ages went nuts  there was a couple of things that caught my eye besides the crazed fans. #1 The match between Mykal Manix and the joker, #2 the contract signing of Dash Maverick and Shawn Prime, #3 Tommy Vandal (let me not forget to mention his girlfriend Goldie I don’t want Tommy to do a double under hook backbreaker on me) and his match with JB Cool #4 the Battle Rumble where 3 things came about that not only had me going but the fans as well was #1 where Mykal Manix’s son eliminated Tommy Vandal, which of course
had fans going crazy (by the way huge shout out to Mykal Manix for putting family first as a father myself it always brings me joy to see that there are dads out there who put family over work 100 times over so man much respect to you sir) #2 Super Mario was in the building and when he got hit his coins flew in the air which had me laughing ( by the way I was hopeing that he won) #3 Shawn Prime winning this years battle rumble which after he won a certain ICW champion  J-Biggs  appeared and had the I.C.W. fans cheering for more. But guess what that was the end of the show, and while it was the end it got me thinking ICW is just as good if not better than the WWE. So with that there’s a new Sheriff in town and the name is I.C.W.