New Year’s Sport Resolutions

By Benny Lorie
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Well 1st things first I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas with their  family and friends, I know I did, with the NBA season opening on Christmas day. But that’s not what I’m writing about, remember my last blog about the top 5 things that I wanted for Christmas and my naughty and nice list, I did some more thinking, and everyone and their mother celebrates new year’s, and it got me thinking, what’s the one thing that everyone essentially thinks about before the clock strikes midnight………..can I make out with that hot chick ( that’s just the alcohol talking)( and in most cases it ends up with the…….you know what enough of my problems lets get back to the blog…… ok please stop laughing at me….) no but what were some of things that I accomplished in the year that’s about to pass, and what goals or new year resolutions can I make to better myself. So it got me to think why don’t I write about what were the top 5 things that happened to the sports fan in SOFLO for 2011 and also what are my sports new year resolutions for 2012…..

Well here they are.

Top 5 things that happened to the sports fan in SOFLO for 2011

1. UM’s Scandal- Former University of Miami Booster Nevin Shapiro admitted on a yahoo sports report that he spent big money on the athletes for recruiting for both the football and basketball programs. NCAA is still investigating the school. Nevin Shapiro is currently serving time behind bars for orchestrating a $930 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

2. NFL and NBA Lockouts: while the MLB had straightened their labor issues, the NFL and NBA didn’t, resulting in both leagues going to a lockout. You talk about a mess that seemed like it would never end, but eventually it did and both leagues are playing games again and all I can say is thank jebus for that!

3. Miami Heat Big 3 fall short of the ring– After the Heat got what is considered the best free agent class In over a decade, the Heat formed a super team of the wwe’s version of the NWO with lebron, wade, and bosh, and after a huge celebration and a multiple championship declaration made by lebron the heat fell 2 games short of winning a title by losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals.

4. WWE Invades SOFLO- For the fist time in the city’s history Miami,FL. Will host next years Wrestlemaina (28), And after wrestlemaina 27 John Cina, and Hometown’s favorite son The Rock shocked the world by announcing that they would face each other at the showcase of the immortals in Miami on April 1st, 2012.

5. Dolphins Wack another Coach- Well after another disappointing season was about to end for the Miami Dolphins, Head Coach Tony Sparano was relieved of his duties with just 3 weeks to go till the end of the season.

My top 5 sports New Year resolutions 4 2012:

1. Heat win there second title: Well I do feel that this goal will happen.

2. Dolphins Finally do it right: Quite Simple, PICK THE RIGHT QB AND HEAD COACH PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF JEBUS, I think we as fans of this team deserve it.

3. The new look Fish become a permanent hit: After the big free agency splash that the new look marlins made, I just hope that the fans don’t make the new marlins ballpark look like a sea of seats like they did at sun life/dolphin/pro player/ Joe Robbie/ you know what you make up a name and I’ll just add it to my blog.

4. Al Golden leads this team to a title: help the U win there 1st ACC title…….. that’s it what your expecting 1 more ok fine but this is the most important one out of them all

5. Lose weight: WHAT I HAVE GOALS TOO. On behalf of everyone at in the bleachers, we want to wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe 2012


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