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By Ezzy Castro
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24/7 Miami Presents had latin singer Josie Rosa in our studios to speak about her road to success and her first  ablum “Gozate La Vida.”

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Josie Rosa was born a star! At age six she tells us she wrote her first song about a crush she had in school. This was just the beginning of her career.  Being discovered at a young age requires immediate support in which her parents were all up for!

Her inspirations were non other than singer Madonna, and Mexican singer Maricella. Josie believes the inspiration is always there. But Josie does not stop there, she has worked with artists like Pee Wee and would love to work with another Puerto Rican like Miss Jennifer Lopez! Gotta represent female Puerto Rican power!

Another side of Josie is the love for house music! The singer hopes one day to do a duet with either Tiesto or even David Guetta!

imageJosie showed us her video “Esta Fiesta” which is her first single of her first album Gozate La Vida. Josie wanted this name for her album to show fans and other listeners that it can mean anything from spending time with your family to going out and partying with your friends!

The singer is not only working on a second album already, but has a foundation called Women Dream Foundation. The charity foundation is for women who have been abused and have children on their own to give opportunities to fight for their dreams and goals. Josie believes that passion and dedication is what you need to succeed in a career, and her greatest advise is to “Never give up no matter how many times you fall.”

I agree with Josie Rosa which we thank her for coming to our 24/7 Miami studios and wish her the best of luck on her road to success!

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Ezzy Castro–