When the mafia attacks……. (Cough) I mean NBA


by Benny Lorie

Just thinking that the NBA is officially is back almost brings me to tears. The joy that I truly feel is what Lebron James stated a few weeks ago that (“that he felt like his kids on Christmas day”) Well folks the wait is over after this long ugly debate between tall millionaires and short billionaires, or as I like to call it the classic game of the finger pointing game ( By the way this game is available at your local toys r’ us near you) (I played it and it’s great you get to play David Stern vs. Dwayne wade I played Dwayne wade and won!) Games start December 25 highlighted by NBA finals rematch between the heat and (ugh this pains me to say this) the defending NBA champions Dallas Mavericks.

The one question that keeps coming to me is who won this deal the players or the owners. And after last week it’s clearly the owners.
The owners didn’t give up to much to the players and it seemed like a fair deal, but the owners didn’t want what happened last year to ever happen again. So in enters Magic Center Dwight Howard, and hornets point guard Chris Paul, next years coveted free agents (or as I say the sexy girl at the dance) and well cp3, or DH12 haven’t said that they want a trade, they have laid hints that they did.

But the reason why I’m writing this is because David stern, who was up to this point the best commissioner in professional sports in north America (well get to that in a second) But remember when I brought this up in the beginning when people asked me hay Benny who do you think won the lockout, the players or the owners and I said the owners, well folks I should’ve put that in all caps cause of what’s been going on since dec. 9th.  Chris Paul  was being shopped by gm Dell Demps were he (Paul) would go to the Lakers and in exchange the Lakers would give up a future 1st round draft,  Lamar Odom (both to the hornets) Pau Gasol (rockets) the rockets would give up also a future 1st round draft pick Luis Scola, and Kevin Martin. So to sum it up in case you got confused the Lakers would get Chris Paul, the rockets would get Pau Gasol, and the hornets would get 2 future 1st round draft picks, guard Kevin martin F/C Luis Scola, and F Lamar Odom. Clearly the hornets would win this trade. Well all sides that were involved agreed to this trade, and it looked like this was a done deal.

However one didn’t agree to this trade, the hornets owner (or should I say owners) which so happened to be owned by the league due to the fact that there is no owner in New Orleans. And the leagues reason behind it was Chris Paul’s move to the Lakers wouldn’t be good for the league. Whoa hold on there for one second, you mean to tell me that your reason Mr. Stern behind not pulling on this trade is because of the fact that this deal isn’t good for the league. What’s not good for the league is what you just did to cp3, because now you just made it clear that when cp3 becomes a free agent you basically sealed your fate and doomed the hornets to lose cp3 to another team but also lose players that you could’ve gotten to replace him in return.

So folks due to horrible P.R. move done by the league Chris Paul will be the new host of the decision part duex aired on espn July 10th 2012. So what’s moral of the story here, heres the moral don’t mess with the NBA or you could get