In Search of Turkeylicous …….

Editors note : Introducing the newest member of 24/7miami blogger team…… Esperanza C. Castro (Ezzy) .

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, 24/7 Miami takes the streets and asked people what their favorite turkey is. On the mission, people had to choose between the Traditional Turkey, Caja China Lechon or the exotic Turbaconducken. It wasn’t long for the people to quickly pick the traditional turkey over the other two bizarre meals. People could not believe that a turkey stuffed inside a chicken, inside a duck, wrapped in bacon can be a holiday delight! But Miami is right on the ball with keeping the traditional meal their favorite!

Thats not all!

While shooting, the wonderful residents of Miami could not resist 24/7 Miami cameras on the scene, as one handicapped man slowly approached and called the cops on us! Although, with no hesitation, another resident stepped out of the vehicle to also call the cops on the handicapped man since he was in the middle of the street not moving his car. With that said, not even the law enforcement can stop 24/7 MIAMI!