24/7miami Presents …. No Sleep Clothing

Editors Note: This is our New show “247miami Presents..” where we will bring to you a up close interview with people from our community, that follow their dreams and are achieving them. Enjoy our first episode.

Since No Sleep Clothing represents those who strive for success. Those who never give up on their dreams and those who never stop until they reach their goals. We had to sit down with the c.e.o. Miguel Ramirez, to tell us a little more about the company.

Miguel told us that No Sleep is a unique product line of casual to dressy contemporary attire. Their collection consists of quality materials and trendy designs with a positive message that reflects passion, strength and uniqueness.

More than a contemporary clothing line,they believe they are a lifestyle, a company driven by the
passion for a better world, a greater society and a loving humanity.

Off camera Miguel Ramirez told us that “We’re a company with a very serious commitment to love
peace and humanity, our promise…………………No Sleep till’ a better world!”