“La Barberia” in NYC

Recently, I experienced the off-broadway show called, “La Barberia” at ,”The New World Stages”. At first I went because I became a huge fan of ,”Manny Perez”, after attending and interviewing him on “24/7 Miami” for his “La Soga” Miami Premiere.  I am inspired by his work ethic, his vision, his dream, and of course his skills as an Actor.


Secondly,the other stars such as  ,”Mateo Gomez” from the movie ,”Che”, and ,”Ruperto Vanderpool”, an outrageous comedian inspired me even more.
The last piece of info that sealed the deal for me was the producers of ,”La Barberia”.They also produced the play,”Quien mato a Hector Lavoe?”,”Celia Cruz”, and the movie,”El Cantante”.
The story takes place in a barbershop in Washington Heights, a neighborhood north of Harlem. Like many neighborhhods, it is starting to go through gentrification. The owner of the Barbershop/Building was offered $2 million to move, and this brings the dilema. Do they sell out or keep their Dominican Culture alive in the neighborhood?
I highly recommend that you take mommy,papi, abuelita, etc. It’s a spanish musical comedy, where the audience laughed and cried because of too much laughter. And cried because the reminder of what we may be going through as latinos,like having no papers or having a family member who can  be deported at any minute. The play also inspires us to go for our dreams whatever they may be.
The cast also consisted of ,”Ivan Camilo,  Graciany Miranda, Sunilda Caraballo, Juan Carlos Diaz,and Modesto Lacen”. Everyone did an outstanding performance bringing us into their ,”Barberia” The casting was perfect because they represented the diversity of Dominican’s and Latinos as a whole.
After the performance, to my surprise all the actors hugged and greeted their fans, and took pictures. But my favorite part was that Manny recognized us from facebook and he thanked us personally for all our support. This play gets 2 circles, a snap, and a FABULOUS!!!!!!


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