WWE Elimination Chamber, Raw and the Question of the week.

By Jose “Loudmouth” Gonzales

It has been a crazy week in my world. But not crazy enough for me to pull me away from watching wwe raw. so, last Sunday was the WWE elimination chamber PPV. first, lets start it off with raw and there main event with CM Punk coming out sore and victorious at the pay per view. With the controversy of CM Punk not eliminating Chris Jericho but knocking him out and doctors saying “he wasnt fit to compete.”

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Its time for some Suplex action, F-U slamming……blogging

by Jose “Loud Mouth” Gonzalez

Its time for some hard hitting, suplex action, F-U slamming, blogging. As i review raw and smackdown from my BAD ASS palace I’m starting to see certain story lines play out more. but first here something i found on the net. As i watched wrestling naturally i became a fan, but there are fans and then there are these “fans” that really take it to heart…

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New Year’s Sport Resolutions

By Benny Lorie
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Well 1st things first I hope everyone enjoyed there Christmas with there family and friends, I know I did, with the NBA season opening on Christmas day. But that’s not what I’m writing about, remember my last blog about the top 5 things that I wanted for Christmas and my naughty and nice list, I did some more thinking,

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