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On the Set for the “Ella Es” video of Eddy Y Henry ft FUEGO

I know what you are thinking ….but here I am already on my next adventure!  Let’s just say I have been working a lot and here is one of my projects very close to my heart! I was just recently on the set of Eddy y Henry Feat. Fuego new video “Ella Es” ,shot on a beautiful, sunny, Miami day (THANK GOD) I was lucky enough to spend some time with these talented and super good looking guys and got the scoop on all their new projects and got a feeling of how these New York based artist felt about our beautiful Miami!
Let’s just say they DID NOT want to go back home. Eddy Y Henry love New York but now consider Miami their second home.  That’s great news considering the new talent and sound these boys are bringing to the music industry. Of course we can’t leave Fuego out, he told us how he started working with Eddy y Henry “EL Duo Mas Completo”. Not only are these guys talented, but full of personality. I spent the day with all of the guys and I could not stop laughing and smiling, they have a great vibe and it was a pleasure to be a part of the shoot I EVEN GOT A CAMEO!  Speaking of cameos we had a special guest NOTCH also doing a cameo and he gave us a taste of his love for “FLY-AMI” and what he has in store for his comeback. This is only the first half of their video shoot now they are taking back to New York and I even heard they had some special guest that might include Manny Perez and Alex Sensation and many more!!  YES here at 24/7 Miami we got the EXCLUSIVE check out the interview and maybe I’ll catch the second part of this just for you guys here in Miami because NOBODY ELSE HAS THIS EXCLUSIVE!!

Don’t forget to check out Eddy Y Henry their hit “<a href=”http://youtu.be/yRizm_ReL3Q”>Prohibido</a>”
”  and get to know the guys on
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(@eddyhenry) and of course follow Fuego (@unavainaloca1) y a Notch (@Notchonline) and OFCOURSE ME (@jsandladiiva) Diiva Kiisses, J.Sand

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