Rink Rash Radio : #wftdaplayoffs, @krispykremeher and @eirinngobrawl from New Jax City Rollers

Krispy Kreme-Her #00 is a jammer for Jacksonville RollerGirls’ New Jax City Rollers. She’ll be playing next weekend in the D1 Division WFTDA playoffs in, you guessed it, Jacksonville. It’s almost the last tournament with only Omaha left before champs. Visit www.247miami.tv/category/rink-rash-radio starting at 10 a.m. this Saturday or watch the broadcast on Periscope via 24/7miami.

Now, that you’re all caught up, here’s more on our featured guest, Krispy:

It’s her second season with Jacksonville. She previously joined Gainesville Roller Rebels after seeing her sister play in her first game. Despite an early knee injury that took her out of the game for a year, she’s been nonstop for the last five years.

Krispy will graduate this December from University of Florida, with her master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. She’s also teaching herself how to sew.

What can’t she do?

Her favorite fresh meat memory: “Graduating and getting to skate with the vets! I could.not.wait. for actual game play.”

Advice for fresh meat: “Get into the habit of having good form and posture now. I can remember my back hurting a lot when I first started fresh meat because my trainers always told me to keep my knees bent and my chest up and this required back muscles that I didn’t have. Over time, you’ll build up that trunk stability that is oh-so-important and it will all be worth it! Also, work out outside of derby. From my experience, most injuries and some of the worst ones I’ve seen, are newer skaters who just haven’t built up the musculature to stabilize their joints. Your ankles will thank you! And bonus, you’ll likely progress much faster if your doing other types of exercise on the side!”