Miami Beach Unveils New Lifeguard Towers for its Centennial


Miami Beach, FL – The City of Miami Beach enthusiastically announces the unveiling of two new brightly colored lifeguard towers that will be added to the already iconic 29-piece collection between South Pointe and 87 Street. The 29 existing towers recently received a fresh coat of paint in preparation to celebrate the centennial year. The two new towers – one round and one square – were designed by architect William Lane.


Miami Beach officials will showcase one of the new towers on Friday, March 20 at 10:30 a.m. Festivities will take place on the beachfront at 10 Street, behind Ocean Rescue headquarters.


“The lifeguard towers are a reflection of Miami Beach Art Deco history. Residents and visitors have grown attached to them over the years because they really resonate with South Beach ‘sun and fun,’” said Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy L. Morales. “Now, we have two more stands for people to enjoy, and we are working to add more and eventually replace the older towers with new ones when we are able.”  


The new round lifeguard tower will be placed at 10 Street permanently. Its color scheme is ice plant green, fusion pink and knockout orange. The existing round tower will be moved from 10 Street to its new home at 43 Street. The new square tower, a color combination of slip blue, lupine blue, and outrageous green, will be on display at the City’s centennial celebration main event area and then relocated to its permanent position at 58 Street.

Miami Beach Fire Chief Virgil Fernandez said, “The Ocean Rescue team is truly excited to have two more lifeguard towers on our beach both for their aesthetic appearance, and for their primary purpose of safeguarding our beaches.”


The new towers were built locally with structurally sound components, such as impact windows and pressure treated wood with stainless steel and aluminum hardware. Their custom designs and color schemes are reminiscent of the five original towers designed by architect William Lane post Hurricane Andrew.  He aimed to utilize free form fun shapes and deco/pop inspired colors to enhance the simple ‘nails and bolts’ woodwork construction and easily connect to people of different ages, cultures and social backgrounds.


In 2006, the City’s Property Management Division built additional lifeguard towers that still provide a lookout point for today’s lifeguards.

The new round lifeguard tower cost is approximately $88,000 and the square tower cost is approximately $77,000. Funding was provided by Quality of Life Resort Tax Funds.