SFDJA-SAM-SESSION-11-FB-COVERIn the past 2 years “2013-2014”, the South Florida DJ Association along with Sam Ash Dolphin Mall store and the Sam Ash Miami Lakes store have gained a reputation as the place for new and rising talent. Together they have drawn both emerging and established DJ artists to perform at what is known as the SFDJA Sam Sessions.

SAM ASH DOLPHINWith a state of the art sound and light system on a concert quality stage complete with video screens. They also provide the participants with their gear of choice. There are no Competitive elements to the performance and the individual can feel at ease , while experiencing the thrill of a live performance before an actual audience. A Sam session is truly an exhilarating rush for the Novice as well as the veterans.
– See more at: http://sfdja.com/category/showcases/

The DJ Sessions are organized every 2 or 3 weeks at Sam Ash in Dolphin Mall & Sam Ash Miami Lakes stores. The Sessions spotlight the DJs and the Artist who perform getting recognition and exposure. The purpose is to expose New and Local talent such as young DJs, Dancers, MCs and Internet Radio stations.

And thanks to the South Florida DJ Association, the newcomers have an outlet to show off their skills. Sam Session has thrived where other events have failed, thanks to Alex Gutierrez’ vision. SFDJA does an exemplary job of showcasing new DJs and their Miami Fans who come out and support the DJs.

Tonight they had their 11th installment of the Sam Session DJ Showcase. Here is video for your enjoyment.


Leo Perez