Would you like thighs with that?

So our illustrious 305 Network Under The Sun boys have some more notoriety other than being rambling crazy geeks with a talk radio webcast. Two of the NUTS (“NY” Chris V & Craig) drove for 3 days to Jupiter FL, and called the play-by-play for the Palm Beach Cardinals (a minor league affiliate of the ST. Louis team). The Home team won, and the boys had a great time. *3 days is a slight exaggeration +/- 2 hours*


There will be no change to the schedule for the NUTS show (this, and every Thursday, LIVE at 7PM!), but we have some cool announcements coming down the pike. We will also be making appearances for autograph signings and merch giveaways, so stay tuned in.  *8×10 glossies are $5, but signatures are free, no selfies without permission*


The NUTS will try to stay on topic this week- and with everything from the local weather, Sterling’s never ending lack of decision making ability, Martin’s ironic LBJ callout, twitter imploding over A/C temperature settings at the AT&T arena- there is plenty to talk about! Let us know what’s on your mind, and we will try to avoid your topic, or talk about it, and ignore your take. *NUTS is in no way obligated to acknowledge your existence, because piracy is fun*


We will also have the PRODUCT OF THE WEEK, and the TWITTER HANDLE TO FOLLOW segments, as always!









Love, hugs, and internet wet willies,