Racism: “Merely a Flesh Wound”


So, with one press conference, NBA commish Adam Silver has set everything straight in the world of racism… Right?


My opinion? If you think that racism, on the whole, has even suffered a dent, you are sadly mistaken. Our feel good society has programmed us to believe that this senile, ignorant, rich, white man is the embodiment of racism. That Sterling is the personification of Civil War era slave ownership and 60’s ‘separate but equal’, rolled into one rich fuck- with too much Just for Men- and one too many side hoes.

Some mixed race gold digger isn’t the second coming of the Savior in this battle, neither. Not only did she extend herself to hook up in unmentionable manner with this old coot (doing unspeakable things in darkened rooms), record their private conversations (wether she was authorized or not), but she (mixed race woman, as mentioned previously) made her bed with a man who ALREADY was outed as a racist- just so that she could live at a more affluent level, she imprinted herself on a hot-button issue to gain notoriety. Ask yourself if you knew who she was, or if the paparazzi was shadowing her. She obviously had no interest in racism at the start, since it was already revealed where Sterling’s mind was when it came to anyone darker than fresh snow.

In our society, racism is defined as this bland conversation of wether or not you are politically correct when you mention a race, or someone’s obvious color/country of origin/ eye shape/ whatever difference. The black/ colored/ African American debate that rages on is the basic definition of the most important anti-racism topics we find in white neighborhoods and suburban schools. The debate continues if American people have apologized enough, or made up enough ground in apologizing for what people who lived many years ahead of us did. Even these days, the racism debate continues on over the use of “N” words, and wether they end in ‘er’, or an ‘a’. That being said (mind numbingly enough), racism isn’t words. I wish it were as easy as parsing out some remark about taking a picture with/ inviting a guest who is black to whatever event you are attending. But- it’s not.

Racism is our government. Our economy. Our housing situation. Did you ever notice that you can drive OVER most of the poorer sections of your city? Did you ever notice that malls/new construction/ brown fields only accommodate more rich white men and their corporate stores selling khakis and frozen yogurt? Don’t even get me started on why Walmart sux, and is killing our economy. Racism is brainwashing. It’s what we are taught and the way it is presented. Racism is recruiting young white boys to go kill brown people halfway around the world, and branding it as preserving ‘freedom’.

***My Mother-in-law is critical of the previous point, but a little Google and a little “follow the money” goes a long way…***


We, as the people of one of the few countries in this world where we are allowed to think for ourselves, need to really look at the way we treat our fellow person (this would have said ‘man’ 15 years ago, but i digress from the sexism with a quickness). We can’t possibly believe this is the path to end racism. We can’t possibly believe that one old crazy ignorant fuck with too much hair dye is the martyr to the real issues. Once we start getting our media to report REAL racism, and have our politicians adress REAL socio-economic issues that impact the poor, rich, and shrinking middle class… then maybe, just MAYBE we will have made some progress in ensuring all men are created equal. In the meantime, we whet our racism on who doesn’t invite a black person over for froi gras, and if they may view the basketball game from the owner’s suite.