Fashion Recap: Glitter, Mustard Yellow, Cream, Pastel Yellow, and Teal! Feb. 24th-28th

Fashion recap 23

Hey guys, its Angie here! We gather here today for another Fashion Recap from Feb. 24th-28th. This week’s style is glamorous. It is the time of the year we must look fabulous, precious, and beautiful, wherever we go. We walk the streets as if we are conquering the world. “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”- Yves Saint Laurent

Let the Fashion Recap begin!

Monday: Glitter


First we will start with the one and only Beyoncé wearing a beautiful glitter gown for her “I am…yours” European tour, and pair of Christian Louboutin heels. I want them…I need them!

tumblr_n0gmk4gfiB1qk52upo1_400 tumblr_m6yetnB6sT1rxp1n8o1_400

Next we have gorgeous Ted Baker clutch bag.


Then we have Glitter inspired lips and White glitter China Glaze nails.

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Finally, we have Glitter Kate Spade watch.


Tuesday: Mustard Yellow

mustard yellow

We will start with this beautiful Valentin Yudashkin gown and a pair of Anthropologie heels. The gown is so breath-taking!

tumblr_n02h396w3A1sl6cl9o1_400 cf8ad50bbff412f7a91f3acd85198779

Next we have one of my favorites, Prada handbag.


Then, we have Mustard Yellow Butter London nails and Mustard Yellow inspired lips.

tumblr_m18zbwNUxT1qao5kuo1_500 fd01e4be0aa30e0c1703c49bd843332b

Finally, we have Crochet earrings by Mary K Creations


Wednesday: Cream


We have gorgeous Zuhair Murad gown and a pair of Eric heels. So beautiful!

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Next we have ALDO handbag.


Then we have Matte cream nails, a personal debut from Kendall Jenner and cream inspired lips.

fu2zbd-l-610x610-nail-polish-matte-cream-1 Beautiful-Lips-and-Lipstick

Finally we have vintage spray brooch with aurora borealis beads and a genuine shell trinket box.


Thursday: Pastel Yellow

pastel yellow

Let’s start with Terry Fox gown and pair of Pastel Yellow heels.

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Next we have jeweled pastel yellow purse.


Then we have Pastel Yellow inspired nails.


Finally we have a gorgeous Tattoo Vorlagen jewelry.


Friday: Teal

teal couture

We shall start with dream-worthy Atelier Versace dress and pair of Christian Louboutin Knott peep-toe heels.

tumblr_lxz2uzQI6S1r4tvflo1_400 056c8573505a393ff6a1f145e5f51a41

Next we have American Apparel framed coin purse.


Then we have Teal inspired nails and Teal inspired lips.

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Finally we have these beautiful Tiffany earrings.


Thank you!

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