Fairchild Botantic Garden Music Festival: Jan 9th Opening Night


Tonight is the night stars shined  in the sky. The sixth Floor Trio is joining together and play music like never before. On January 9th, I had the opportunity to attend the Opening Night. The music was precious, classic, and original. The music is so well played that the notes themselves touched the hearts of the audience. I do have to say the first three songs played are my ultimate favorites. “I sing” by Harrison Hollingsworth (The Sixth Floor Trio), “Rock” by Teddy Abrams (The Sixth Floor Trio), and “Death and the Maiden” by Franz Schubet played by Lily Francis, Johannes Dickbauer, Emily Deans, Gal Ivyska.


With a grand audience, a breath- taking view from the most beautiful and unique garden in Florida, a stage of classic music, and an Open Bar equals a night to remember.

Earlier, I had the opportunity to interview two members of The Sixth Floor Trio Teddy Abrams and Harrison Hollingsworth. The journey of this group is absolutely mind-blowing and their energy in music is out of this world. True artist can start anywhere.


How and where did The Sixth Floor Trio start? The trio started in the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. Teddy, Harrison and Johnny all lived in the sixth Floor and with their passion of music The Sixth Floor Trio was born. The three wanted to keep going with their music and stay together.

What are the different the instruments they play? Teddy tells me the trio has been playing with the instruments they have grown to know. Thou, as Harrison shares that the some of them play multiple instruments. Their sound is unique by the variety of instruments played. They play different style of music from classic, Blue Grass, and Folk. Harrison “If we like it, we play it”.

Teddy Abrams has worked with many Orchestras around the country, what were his best experiences? Teddy shares he loves the New World Symphony, and it is a special place. The New World symphony is a training orchestra but professional and unique. The attitude is exciting and filled with high energy. Working with The New world was his best three years since college. Teddy tells me he is excited to work in Miami because as he says “Miami’s music scene is growing” to its potential.

What are your favorite instruments? Teddy tells me the piano is a favorite because the piano gives a wide range of music. It is the closet to the middle orchestra. As for Harrison, His favorite is the Violin. He says, the Sixth Floor Trio is an ideal place and he loves playing the bassoon and the violin. For the violin, plays well in Bluegrass and in classic and the Bassoon play well for Jazz and Latin Music. Harrison can’t choose but it depends on the genre.

How has the Sixth Floor Trio grown? Teddy tells me that arranging their own music has made them grow. Some of the music is already composed for them and some they compose themselves. He believes that growth of their trio has succeeded by the talents as composers.

What are the elements for the New Year? When they first started at the Fairchild Festival, it was April. Now, they are preforming again in January. It allows the audience to witness the great music indoor or outdoor.

The Question to Harrison: what do you love about the violin? The Violin plays very well in certain genres played. Also, He has been playing the violin since five years of age. The violin “It feels very much a part of me”.

Who is you inspiration? For Teddy, Tilson Thomas was a major inspiration, and he remembers him as a child. Another is Ford Lallerstedt, he was a teacher and an amazing musician to Teddy Abrams and Harrison Hollingsworth.

Why music? Teddy shares advice to all young musicians to do music if they can’t do anything else. It requires a degree of high devotion. Teddy says “You feel happy doing it”.

Thank you and Enjoy!


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