So, You want to be a Ballet Dancer? by Jennifer Kronenberg (Miami International Book Fair)

About the Author:


Jennifer Kronenberg is an accomplished dancer, writer, and teacher.  She studied at the renowned School of American Ballet and has danced professionally for years, appearing on stages throughout the world.


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The book shares the journey of Jennifer Kronenberg and all through her high jinx mishaps, missteps and tribulations, and continued on to a glorious career as a prima ballerina with an internationally acclaimed ballet company. She shares, along with her memoirs, hints, tips and professional advice for aspiring dancers and their parents, hoping to ease them through the hard years of study as well as through the abrupt and challenging transition from student to professional. Covering everything from choosing a school and auditioning, to stage makeup and backstage basics, young dancers are sure to find the answers needed to help them survive in today’s challenging ballet world.

Miami International Book Fair Interview:

“How is your book different from other dance guides and books?” Jennifer tells me that her book is coming from the perspective of someone that is still in the field, and she shares her struggles, her journey as a ballerina. The book also carries a familiar voice as a sister or a best friend.

“What inspired you to write So, You want to be a Ballet Dancer?”  Jennifer said “Many of my students come to class with a lack of knowledge, and right after class I vent out on my husband. He told me I should write a book of a how-to for ballet dancers. That’s what I did.”

“How do you feel when you are dancing? And do express it on the book?” Jennifer responded “It’s a feeling like nothing else, untouchable. It’s just you, the dance, the music and the stage. The moment is addictive in a way. And yes, in the last chapter is inspirational and truthful.”

“As a dancer, do you have dream roles?” and Jennifer tells me “Yes, as Giselle, as Juliet from Romero and Juliet, and Princess Odette in Swan Lake and to perform in After the Rain.”

“Miami is known for its diverse culture and art. What is art to you? And how is dance defined as art?” Jennifer shares “well art is any type of creativity that comes within our imagination and a form of expression from our soul. And ballet, its personal interpretation that adds to your personality.”

Thank you to Jennifer Kronenberg!

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