A Dark and Lonely Place by Edna Buchanan (Miami International Book Fair)

About the Author:


Edna Buchanan is a writer and former reporter for the Police Beat for the Miami Herald. She has covered thousands of violent, and death crimes. She has written eleven books such as Miami, It’s Murder, Nobody Lives Forever, You Only Die Twice and more.


dark and lonely place

A century ago, when Indians and alligators roamed frontier Miami, the legendary John Ashley was accused of murder and sentenced to hang. He insisted he was innocent and went on the run with his sweetheart, Laura Upthegrove. John and Laura became the most notorious, colorful, and compelling figures in Florida’s violent outlaw history. Their sensual and dreamy saga is juxtaposed with the taut and suspenseful story of their fictional descendants who share the same love and dangers a hundred years later. In today’s Miami, Homicide Sergeant John Ashley investigates a millionaire’s spectacular murder and instantly recognizes a stunning model linked to the case as the girl who has haunted his dreams since childhood. Her name is Laura, and the lightning-fast attraction is supernaturally mutual. The homicide case goes bad, Ashley is falsely accused of murder just like his ancestor, and the new lovers go on the run as history repeats itself. The question is, how powerful is the past? Do the present-day renegades stand a chance? Can we change our own destiny? Or must the end always be the same for dangerous people in dangerous times?

Miami International Book Fair:

“You have covered thousands of violent, death crimes. How did that transition to you becoming an author?” Edna tells me she always knew she was going to be a writer, an author. Reading books brought so much pleasure to her and knowledge. Police Beat always helped her make that transition from reporter to author.

“In the book it’s based on the descendants of John Ashley, how has his story inspire you?” Edna said “I heard stories and I was curious and the Ashley’s had a larger crime rate. There were far more crimes from Bonnie and Clyde, It was like Catch 22. All crimes were blamed on the Ashley’s.”

“What is your inspiration behind your books?” Edna shares “My inspiration is the idea of what if, changing the names, and places. When I start to write my stories, I get surprised on the stories own twists and turns, on who lives and dies.”

I’m very fond of these fictional people and for the past year I’ve spent more waking and sleeping hours with them than with anyone else in my life. They are brave, funny, and passionate people and far better than most real live people I’ve met lately, which doesn’t say much for my personal life.”

Edna describes her first experience at the Book Fair as an Author: “A life changing revelation struck me like lighting in that packed auditorium 26 years ago. It was the jaw-dropping contrast between life as a police reporter and life as an author! It occurred to me that authors set their own schedules and work in comfort at home, while reporters battle daily deadlines, angry mobs, skip regular meals, and survive on coffee, action and adrenaline.”

“A good Journalist can make things happen”

Thank You to Edna Buchanan!

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