Fashion Happy Hour: Candy Coat Nail Boutique


I finally reached the end of my journey at the Fashion Happy Hour in the Red Bar Gallery. And I shall leave the best for last. I held an exclusive interview with nail art artist Brittni Ruggiero for Candy Coat Nail Boutique.

I’m a Tumblr and Instagram fan and I love looking at different inspiring pictures. Something that always catches my eye are the Nail Arts, to me they standout. If you want to get those Tumblr artistic nails, I say head to Candy Coat Nail Boutique.

Here’s why!

Nail Artist Brittni Ruggiero has been doing nail art for 11 years and her successful business has been around for 2 months. Artist Brittni has a passion for Nail Art and Beauty. She has put her favorite hobby and interest into an everyday career. Like how it is said “Follow your dreams” and “Do what you love”.

As for Candy Coat Nail Boutique, the salon is not like any other; It is chic and modern (Maintained clean at all times). The products used are disposable and the menu names are unique and fun, such as Delightful mani-pedi or Delicious Mani-pedi. What matters and counts the most…Customer service is 100% satisfying.


Just to let you know, these are Brittni Ruggiero’s nails. They were made last minute…Now that’s talent!

Thanks to Brittni Ruggiero!

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Thank You!

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