Biscayne Nature Center Special Lucheon: Larry Poons


I have recently attended a special luncheon with Lyrical Abstract Artist Larry Poons at the Biscayne Nature Center. I had the opportunity to listen to his Speech. Though, the Visual arts category are not in my everyday interest but I have learned so much and see how art can be simple but yet impacting to a being’s eye and interest. “There is a direct relationship with Art and Nature. Any Part of Nature is Complete, but it is mystery complete; Though, there is no difference between both nature and painting.” I do agree, the bright colors and the lively images capture someone’s attention. It is the same way with Nature, when I see a certain presence I want to touch, feel and imagine. Meanwhile Artist Jacqueline Roch had her latest artwork displayed in the Nature Center Gallery. I had a an exclusive interview with her. To her Art is a way to express yourself and present who you are in colors. While Larry Poons will be presenting his work in The Gallery in January. 


The Nature Center



The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to environmental education and the encouragement of greater citizen participation in the protection of our natural environment.


I do have to say, the Nature Center is a magical place; the experience is breathtaking. The first time I visited the Center was a on my 5th grade year field trip. And I remember walking the trails to the large trees and listening to the birds chirping. For a child of 11 years of age, all I wanted to do is stay and not go home.  The idea of discovering new things and new sights was pure joy. It is a small world for me to return as an adult and remember an amazing experience in my childhood. Nature to me is pure beauty, and referring to Larry Poons’s speech; nature and Art share a special quality and that quality is color. The Brightness and color makes it magical and complete to a human’s eye. Nature is real life canvas, as Larry Poons said “Paint is color, you want to react to it not tell it what to do.”