Fashion Recap: Leopard Print, Sheer, Cut Outs, Metallic, Black & White!

Fashion 6There are some things that are in need of recycling like bottles and paper. But Fashion comes first! Ladies, we are going back to Chic! The style is all about class, being flirty, and show that dangerous fierce. These colors show another side of Chic, and that side is ‘who is that girl’ the girl who is confident, who is fierce, and who is pure sexy. She is that girl who walks the street with no regrets. “My legacy would be that you don’t have to give up anything. You can be chic but have a sense of humor, you can be sexy but comfortable, you can be timeless but fresh.”-Michael Kors

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Let’s start ladies!

Monday: Leopard Print


First, we will start with a Leopard Print Strap Chriffon dress and a pair of Prada heels. Prada, I love the sound of that brand. Prada!

jQOozsOuwT tumblr_lkzpdySJ0Z1qeypcao1_400

Next we have a leopard print Betsy Johnson clutch bag. So pretty!


Then we have Leopard nail art inspired design, along with lips inspired design.

57CeXWn2Bs 13cc349905e473310add5d762fbe1753

Finally, you will be having Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting with Leopard design fondant. So creative yet it looks so delicious!


Tuesday: Sheer


Note: Sheer is daring and sexy. Yes? Yes!

Let’s start with a Karl Lagerfeld Mini dress. Isn’t this dress so gorgeous? So gorgeous!


Then we have Floor length Sheer chiffon pleats, along with a Denim shirt and a Maxi skirt

sheer_tumblr G4raH4zHW5

Next we have Sheer Mesh cut out leggings. These are so cute!


Finally we have Minimale Animale Golden Triangle swimsuit. So you know, you might recognize this swimsuit from Miley Cyrus video “We Can’t Stop”.

y8vrjDmqFZ miley cyrus we cant stop

Wednesday: Cut Outs


We have a Forever 21 top cut out dress, with a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. So gorgeous!

tumblr_lhf9qrjTaD1qe57qso1_500_large mcgKwUypy7

Next we have mesh cut out leggings with this cute Cut out Denim shirt.

NsNWpjClk3 tumblr_ma1i8hiYel1r4lxqto1_500_large

Then we have Essie Cut out and floral nail art, along with a twisted cut out swimsuit. Isn’t this adorable! I think it’s so cute!

HE0uz6qWAf yG7yPmEsAd

Finally, you will be having Chocolate heart cut out cupcakes with strawberry fillings. Yummy! Who wants some? I do!


Thursday: Metallic

jennifer lawrence

We shall start with this beautiful Dolce & Gabbana mini dress, with a pair of Christian Louboutins. I really want a pair of these shoes.

tumblr_l5z1mbZalO1qa2nzs-1 YKJaG0CF0n

Next, we have a Holographic envelope clutch bag. Isn’t this so cool? It’s cool!


Then we have Jade nail polish holographic Metallic nail art, along with Metallic lips inspired design.

PhJbtNxVSj tumblr_m3x1qnLQHz1rnwamw

Finally, you will be having Chocolate and Vanilla Metallic Cake pops. Yummy, yummy in the tummy!


Friday: Black & White

Adriana Lima

First, we will start with a Forever 21 white dress and the black belt, stockings from Charlotte Russe and heels from Shoedazzle; Along with a pair of Bebe Heels.

bkmHmSasnv 232920611948749359FtwRjGLLc

Next, we have a “Rich Fashion advisory explicit content” handbag. Too cute!


Then we have Black & White nail art with bows and Polka Dots, along with Black & White lip design.


Finally, you will be having Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla frosting decorated with black liquorish. *Wedding Cake ideas*


Thank you and Enjoy!

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Be glamorous and Chic!