Mike Wallace situation is being blown out of proportion.

The Dolphins star wide receiver,Mike Wallace, was unhappy after the Cleveland Browns game last Sunday. It’s understandable why he was upset since the wide receiver only had one reception for 15 yards. When Mike Wallace was asked questions by reporters he simply answered “ask the coaches” and left to the team bus. Is this something to be worried about? Not really this seems like it’s being taken out of proportion. Mike Wallace was asked if he regrets saying “ask the coaches” and he responded, “No, because you all asked me, you asked me, why wasn’t I targeted. What do you want me to tell you I’m not calling the plays. With anything.  I would have told you the same thing regardless.  If you ask me about the plays, I don’t really have the answer or if you ask me why I didn’t get targeted, I couldn’t really answer that for you because I’m not the one calling the plays.  That’s all I meant by that.”  I was upset with myself, it wasn’t really anything else that had to do”. On Monday the media surrounded WR Mike Wallace and asked if he was still upset and he responded, “I’m good, I’m good” and why wouldn’t he? The Dolphins still defeated the Cleveland Browns on Sunday 23-10, at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. If WR Mike Wallace was upset it would be at himself for not doing a better job at eluding CB Joe Haden and he was asked why he was upset and he responded, “It just wasn’t a good day for me.  Sometimes it’s like that when you play football, it was just like that yesterday.” On game film you can clearly see that WR Mike Wallace was being double-team most of the game. During the interview Mike Wallace was being asked, if he had a conversation with Head Coach Joe Philbin and he responded, “Yeah, It went great” I understand that Mike Wallace wouldn’t want to elaborate on the conversation he had with Head Coach Joe Philbin, because it would have been blown out of proportion by other media members. A question that followed was what did Head Coach Philbin say and he responded, “That’s a conversation really between us, but we had a good conversation. It was productive, we’re good and we’re ready to move on”. I’m glad that Mike Wallace didn’t give details regarding the conversation he had with Head Coach Joe Philbin. I believe if he had given details about the conversation, it would have been blown out of proportion. This situation has already been blown out of proportion, because Mike Wallace was visibly seen upset after Sundays’ game against the Cleveland Browns. The Dolphins are expecting more from Mike Wallace and he understands that. Brian Hartline did have a good game on Sunday, with 9 receptions for 114 yards and a touchdown. Also, WR Brandon Gibson had 7 receptions for 77 yards and even TE Charles Clay got involved with the offense with 5 receptions for 54 yards.  The star WR Mike Wallace was also asked if it opened up things for Brian Hartline and he responded,” Oh definitely, I’m happy those guys had a great game, those are my teammates.  I’m always happy when they do well, every single time.  Every single catch they work hard for it, and I might open it up, but those guys get themselves open by running great routes and making great catches.” The Dolphins will play against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at 1:00 pm at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. I’m sure that WR Mike Wallace will have more than one receptions for 15 yards on Sunday and this blown of proportion quote will be forgotten by everybody.

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