Are the Dolphins tight ends on the roster capable of filling in for Dustin Keller?

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The Miami Dolphins are heading to their fourth and final preseason game, with questions still remaining about the tight end position and they must prove they can fill in for Dustin Keller. Tight end Dustin keller was going to have a big role with the offense heading into the 2013-2014 season and one unnecessary tackle changed that. The Dolphins were playing against the Houston Texans, when starting TE Dustin Keller, caught a pass from Ryan Tannehill and was hit by safety D.J Swearinger on his right knee. It didn’t look good for Dustin keller, who tore his ACL, MCL, PCL, has dislocated his knee, and requires surgery. Immediately, after the Dolphins were aware of Dustin Keller, a void was left and questions were being asked. Who will replace Dustin Keller? The Dolphins on the current roster have Charles Clay, Michael Egnew, Dion Sims and Kyle Miller but they were not able to impress the Dolphins coaching staff on Saturday. Charles Clay didn’t have an impact against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and only recorded one reception for 5 yards. Rookie Dion Sims had one reception for 18 yards and it didn’t prove anything to Coach Philbin or the coaching staff. Michael Egnew did not even record a reception and it seems that time may be running out for the third round draft pick. The Dolphins tight ends on the current roster have to take advantage of the opportunity, because opportunities like the one that they have right now do not occur so often  and they are running out of time to prove to the coaches what they are capable of. The Dolphins have one more preseason game remaining, before they start preparing for week one on Sept 8th against the Cleveland Browns. Dolphins play the New Orleans Saints on Thursday, where kickoff is at 7:30 pm and starters are not likely to get a lot of snaps. The tight ends must seize the moment and give more than 100% to show the coaching staff that they are able to fill the void left by Dustin Keller. Coach Philbin said yesterday after practice “Those guys need work, there’s no question about it and we got those guys into the game and got them some repetition. We haven’t decided the final playtime for New Orleans yet, but obviously a lot of those guys need work.” Quarterback Ryan Tannehill had this to say about TE Charles Clay “I don’t think he struggled. I think the (throw) down the middle the defensive back made a great diving play and got his hand in there. It looks bad. It looks like (Clay) dropped it, but in all actuality the defensive back made a great play to get his hand in there. You know (Clay) brings a lot of good things to the table, and we will utilize those.”. Charles Clay, Michael Egnew, Dion Sims, and Kyle Miller are being given the opportunity to prove they can fill the void left by Dustin Keller and must seize the moment because time is running out.