Solkissed Swimwear: Inca Sirena


Peruvian summer look, Ladies!

Lying on the warm sand with an ice cold chicha Morada, Soaking up the sun and your thoughts are how good you look in the Solkissed Swimwear two pieces; Knowing for a fact that you are looking flirty and fresh.

During the swim show 2013, I sat down with Solkissed Designer Alejandra Boggiano.  We spoke of the upcoming collection Inca Sirena 2014.

solkissed designer

Solkissed swimwear is a Peruvian inspired swim brand, with a modern twist. The Designer Alejandra Boggiano was born in Peru *VIVA PERU* raised in California, and grew up in New York. The swimwear line Solkissed has got California’s peaceful, laid-back look, New York’s sassy, confident, fierce attitude, and South America’s sexy spice. The three main features that make the collection different is the collection itself. The Tops and Bottoms have longer straps, Different triangle style tops, and hand weaved pieces with exclusive patterns.

I do have to say I have a few favorites. First are the Auroa Top and Miraflores Bottom.

slokissed ff

Next are the Chelsea Top and Fiesta Bottom


Then there is the Anita Top and Monora Bottom

solkissed gg

And finally, my most favorite is the Maja Top and the Machu Picchu Bottom. 

solkissed bb solkissed6

solkissed family


Thank you, Ladies!

Solkissed Swimwear