Miami’s Vice City Rollers at RollerCon 2013


Editor’s note : Since the Miami’s Vice City Rollers are on a road trip , at ROLLERCON 2013 in Las Vegas, NV. We wanted to include you in all the fun.

Joining Jessica Diaz – TALLYGATOR on her trip are the following MVCR stars : Jennifer Billings – Gwenifear, Veronica Companioni –Killah V, Kristen De la Rua-De La Ruthless, Kristy Franco –Chiquita, Tiffany Kerkhof –Slamasaurus, Patrice Peraza –Sugar Slap, Olga Montealegre- La Bandida, Daniella –JuggzRnaut, Lauren Bourne –Bella Belligerent, Alex Palacios- Rollboy, Jessica Kessler –Frightwing.

What better way to know all the action, than having Jessica Diaz “TALLYGATOR” tell us in her own words…..

To answer your question, how did my day start:

Well we made our own breakfast in our room: toasted a bagel in our george foreman grill 😉 then headed downstairs and got into a class titled “Jammers love Blockers” by Luludemon, an awesome coach that skates with the Terminal City Roller Girls from Canada. Got to skate in that class with De La and V, and we learned a lot of cool new drills that work on specific offense skills. It was a ton of fun! Then we checked out the vendors booths section of the convention where we tried out some gear and got to meet the owner of 187 Killer Pads, that’s the brand of knee pads most of us wear. He was able to fix De La’s knee pads on the spot, and replace my knee pad caps as well, it was pretty cool. He also instructed us on how to properly put on our gear lol i know right, we were doing it all wrong. We also ran into our skate shop owner from Miami, Bernard, he came out to Vegas for a day to check out the scene and make more contacts. Then headed to the food court in the Riviera where De La and I split some delicious Indian food. I sat next to a couple that was deaf and watched them sign to each other while our food was prepared. Then they noticed me staring at them, I said hi and tried to remember all the American Sign Language i had learned in college to communicate with them. It was a pretty cool experience. Then v and I headed to this seminar, but we got there a few minutes late and it was full, so we decided to go watch some derby instead. That was fun, watching derby is always fun 😉 After resting for a bit we decided to head to the open scrimmage, that was pretty exciting. It was our first time scrimmaging against and with men, it was coed. It was an intense atmosphere and where we were able to practice skills we have been learning throughout these days. After that was over we watched MORE DERBY! Went to our rooms, dropped off our gear, then headed back down and regrouped with the rest of us to watch the men vs women’s bout, which had an interesting dynamic, the men were totally winning, by like a giant differential spread, and some of them were being d**** (one of the men got kicked out by his bench coach-a woman- because of his asshole move lol)  to the the women on the track (who were all high level skaters from different teams), and no one was cheering for the men (LOL) it was a room full of women. I got some video clips of the intensity and i’ll post on my fb. But every time the women would get lead jammer status, the whole auditorium would burst out in excitement. It’s pretty awesome. And of course sharing that moment with my teammates was the best part. After that we headed to the room to get ready for the safari party and that’s when i passed out lol so i never made it to the party, but i got a good rest and now to start today.