Swim Show 2013: Snapper Rock and Christina Swimwear

swim and lingerie show

Beautiful, sophisticated, and oh La la!

Today Miami opened up to the new and favorite swim brands. Bright colors, bows, and ruffles are the HOT trend for this summer.

As press, I was lucky to get in on the scoop.

Let’s start with Snapper Rock:

 Liz snapper rock

For Starters, When I have children this brand will be my number one choice in Swimwear, I spoke with the CEO and Founder Liz Eglinton.

We spoke of the origins of Snapper Rock, which was found in 2003. But what really caught my attention is the story behind it, very simple but full of change. Liz and her family recently moved from New Zealand to Annapolis, Maryland and she saw kids wearing no swim shirts, and most importantly no sunscreen. In New Zealand it is mandatory for children to wear a swim shirt over a one or two piece along with sun screen due to the thin layer of the ozone. Seeing that sudden change, Snapper Rock was created to protect children and teens from the harmful rays.

Protection doesn’t need to be dull and boring, in this case Snapper Rock is Fun, Fashionable and cute for all sizes.  There is a wide variety of different styles from one, two and three pieces for girls and boys. Another popular piece is the after sun one piece. I asked what her favorite piece of her own collection is, she showed me “Island tile Fish”

island tile fish


Admit, this so cute! *More reasons to have girl as my first born….In the future*

Snapper Rock is very well known in Hollywood, especially when it comes to celebrities’ children. The reason is protection, that is the number one priority parents feel strongly about for their children. Recently Gwen Stefani’s Son Zuma was seen wearing Snapper Rock and Orlando Bloom’s little one, Flynn also. But I had to ask, how does it feels to know how successful the brand has become ? Knowing  that A-List Celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani, Matt Damon and Orlando Bloom also know that Snapper Rock is Fun, Fashionable and safe.

Snapper Rock well…Rocks!

Next is Trimera Swim


I got to speak with both Designer’s Julie Gosselin and Denise Ferretti.  I have to say for Women that want to feel comfort, support but yet feminine, this is the brand for you. The three brands are absolutely fabulous and beautiful.

Next is Christina,the Brand has three collections to its name. 

The First Collection is Christina. She is classy, sassy, Beautiful and confident. The Swimwear gives support and comfort, yet makes her feel beautiful and brings confidence to her lifestyle.

 The Second Collection is Be Creative, The Swimwear is very feminine, young and fashion forward. The pieces are colorful with bold colors, Brings in a Sporty Attitude to a women’s wardrobe, and simple accents to give it an extra treat to the collection.

 The Latest (New) Collection is Contour by Christina, and is one of my favorites. This Swimwear Line is full of bright colors and prints to give an “Illusion” for a slimmer look. The Swim suits and pieces give support and reflect on a slimming appearance going to the beach, and doing outdoor activities.  Contour also concentrates on the same concept as Christina, Support and Comport to feel beautiful and Confident. The Best part is all three collections are with original prints. Being Fabulous, classy and Confident are a girl’s all around desire.

Don’t I didn’t stop there. More of my favorites are coming up!