Interview with the new Host of In The Bleachers Andy Simancas

Since 24/7miami’s re-launch of the “In the Bleachers” sports talk show on 24/7miami radio, the format has changed and added 2 new Hosts. 

We had chance to catch up with Andy Simancas, to get to know him better.


24/7 Miami: First off welcome Andy to the 24/7miami family, tell us a little bit about yourself ?

Andy Simancas
: Well I’m 25 years attended Miami Dade College received my aa degree in Mass Communication/Journalism, got certified as a broadcaster in CSB (Conneticut School of Broadcasting). I’m a big MIami sports guy

Trying to be remember as the best broadcaster in Miami and in the usa

24/7 Miami:Yes we heard about being a Miami sports guy ? Since your co-host is a Boston-teams kinda guy what do you think you bring to the table for the Home team ?

Andy Simancas: Knowledge and understanding what Miami is all about regarding sports we love are teams no matter what win or lose

I will put the facts on the table

24/7 Miami:  In the world of broadcasting, whom would you like to meet and what would you ask them?

Andy Simancas: Kevin Harlan

I would ask how does it feel like broadcasting different sports?

What did it feel like broadcasting the only Dolphins win in 2007?

What inspire you to become a broadcaster?

24/7 Miami: What inspires you to become a sports broadcaster ?


Andy Simancas: Ooh man I want to broadcast all Miami sports team

Just talking about sports as a career is awesome

24/7 Miami: Lets compare stadiums in Miami …

for Football Joe Robbie Stadium or Orange Bowl ?

Andy Simancas
: Orange Bowl

24/7 Miami For Baseball Joe Robbie or Marlins Ballpark ?

Andy Simancas
: Marlins ballpark

24/7 Miami : Basketball Miami Arena or American Airlines Arena ?

Andy Simancas: Triple AAA

24/7 Miami 
: Last question, where are the best seats at a baseball game, behind home plate, 1st base , 3rd base or In the Bleachers ?

Andy Simancas
: In the bleachers!!!!!!!!!!

24/7 Miami : Thanks Andy hope to hear more from you on 24/7miami radio.

(written by Juan the intern at )

Andy Simancas: No thank you for the opportunity.