Top Stylish Men of 2012

by Angela Guevara

Us Girls have our different Traits we want from a man. We want them to make us laugh, feel like a queen, and Just listen to us well…at least pretend too.
When It comes to men, We pick out different traits from different male celebrities. Like David Beckham’s rocking body, Robert Pattinson’s charm and British accent, Ryan Gosling’s well Trained manners, and Dwayne wade’s lips; I can go on but I’m limited. But there is one thing that these man have that takes our breath away, and make us melt like a Popsicle, and its their sexy, delicious, and fresh style. These men were named the GQ’s Top Stylish men, enjoy ladies!

10. Bruno Mars

9. David Beckham

8. Ryan Gosling

7. Justin Theroux

6. Armie Hammer

5. Jay-Z

4. Adam Levine

3. Tyson Chandler

2. Matt Bomer

1. Dwyane Wade