Dirty Laundry – September 30th: Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway & Justin Bieber

by Angie Guevara

Hey guys! the talk that brings you all the juiciest, dirtiest and latest gossip news bring all your cleaning products, its gong to get dirty.

Mrs. Shulman !!

Anne Hathaway is a married woman! The Actress weds longtime lover Adam Shulman on Saturday in Big Sur, California. Anne and Adam shared their special moment with 150 family guests. Check out her custome made Valentino Dress.

Congrats to the Newlyweds!!

Bieber Fever 

True artist are troopers! take Justin Bieber for example. On his ‘Believe concert tour’, the heartrob singer was wasn’t feeling on stage. turned around, throw up and walked away. But Justin knew that the show must go on. What a trooper!

After the show, the Biebs went home to rest and twitted a pic of himself sick in bed. With a Caption: “Great show. Getting better for tomorrow’s show !!!! Love u” and adding “And…. Milk was a bad choice! Lol.” oh poor baby! Feel better Bieber.

Miley shares a bed with Ashton

*gasp* Is Miley Cyrus Sleeping with Ashton Kutcher? NOOO! but Missy is! Miley Cyrus stars in Two and Half men as Walden’s friend’s Daughter. But Missy has a love interest in jake! Oh lala.

Question of the day !

Who should Play the Sexy and Delicious Mr. Grey?
1.Ian Somerhalder
2.Zac Efron
3.Matt Bomer
4.Henry Cavill
5.Jake Gyllenhaal
1. 2.