Talking about All-Star Weekend and NOSEGATE

Talking Heat/Knicks from Thursday, and a quick recap of a wild weekend in sports…

Recapping the Miami Heat New York Knicks game; Daytona 500 highlights; Florida Panther recap.

All-Star Weekend review… winners of the competitions, including the ATROCIOUS (not just Stephen A. Smith’s word, but mine) Slam Dunk competition. PLUS… Wade and Bryant on a need to ‘nose’ basis… and are we really critiquing Lebron’s final possessions?… at an ALL-STAR game? Hear my take on it..

Ryan Braun… was cleared of his failed drug test… but does this mean he is TRULY innocent?

Ryan Braun (From the U), cleared by 2 of 3 in arbitration for his failed test… first ever to successfully challenge in that regard. Though he will not serve a suspension and will go in the books as him not testing positive…, I’ll tell you why even though he is not guilty, he is definitely NOT innocent…

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