La Nota : Alternative episode 1

by Jorge Miranda

Hey everyone, it’s Jorge of the latest and greatest from, “La Nota: Alternative” A focus on local South Florida Bands, Djs, and Artists. With this platform we will be guiding you through an adventure of sounds, visions, and all around fun.

My co –host,  Alex Rendon  and I will be highlighting the best of South Florida. That you can believe! In our first episode we have Miami’s own Dj Volume.  Volume has been on the mixing scene for a minute now and not only is he a talented Dj but he is also a close friend. Mind you that just because he’s my friend doesn’t mean I’m using him so I can be lazy. Like I said before he’s talented on the ones and twos.  You can catch Volume Friday nights at Palladium and Sundays at RaSushi in South Miami. On Saturdays Volume likes to keep his options open and free lances where ever the music takes him. You can catch his stuff on our debut episode and at When I asked Volume about what he considers is his style of spinning  he answered “My style of spinning isn’t any different than other Djs except that I read the crowd which is very important! If you can’t read the crowd then you have failed at your job”. You can catch the full interview on the podcast.

Monday night was our first radio show. Alex Rendon (music critic extraordinaire) and I went on from 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. You can catch it on

We talked a little about what is coming up on the show and what’s going on in you rock n roll news.

We played a tune from a band that we will be having in the studio. Rhetoric Rock Band and on the Spanish rock scene we heard Los Hollywoods from my old town of San Diego, CA.

You can follow the links to read the full articles from which we got our news covering Tommy Lee’s law suit and the new Johnny Cash pictures that have popped up .

The conviction of former Frank Zappa bassist Roy Estrada on charges of child molestation. This isn’t the first to time the bass player has gone to jail for the same charge. In 1994 at the age of 51 he served a six year sentence. I May of 2008 he was indicted on a new charge for “molesting a child younger than 14 for an extended period.

We also spoke of the atrocity that is happening with reggae master Buju Banton a resident of Tamarac who is being held in jail for a crime that he didn’t participate in. A police snitch trying to save his own keister. Do us a favor and read the story in one of last month issues of The New Times and keep your out for Alex in the New Times.

We also mentioned that GnR is coming back to south Florida for one of six small club shows. They will perform at The Fillmore Miami Beach. We announced the tour of the year Rob Zombie/Megadeath co headlining tour starting in May. We will keep you posted on South Florida dates as soon as more dates are released.

On a side note we threw out there that if you your fancy yourself a musician or a somewhat talented artist you should message us on twitter @LaNotaAltern or Facebook @ La: Nota: Alternative.

Like the page while you’re there. South Florida is lacking any type of modern or cutting edge rock/punk. All you have is classic rock and that makes you feel like your eighty.

With La Nota: Alternative is on a mission to providing you with a harder, edgier sound while also covering everything alternative in South Florida. The coming months have a lot of events coming to South Florida and you can count on La Nota: Alternative to be anywhere there is cool music and arts being displayed.

We hope you will join us for another episode Monday at the same time, and don’t be a stranger drop us a line.     Until next time, Rock on!!!


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