Here comes the NBA ranks:


         by Benny Lorie
With almost a month into the NBA season it got me thinking what if I compel my list of NBA rankings. I mean other websites have mock rankings, so with that I have listed my rankings of my top 5 teams.
1.    Oklahoma City Thunder (5-2) – Kevin Durant is clutch city and has been on fire since the start, and is my front running pick for the league MVP. But besides that with a good core of bench players and a good Russell Westbrook this teams looks like a lock to
have home court advantage for the postseason, baring any setbacks (yea Russell no fights with your teammates please)
2.    Chicago Bulls (5-1) – Ok folks Derrick Rose is as good as it gets to point guards who know who to create there own shoots. Last season’s MVP is off to a great start, and with a strong supporting cast and the addition of Richard “RIP” Hamilton
has made these Chi-town Bulls one of the favorites to head back to the eastern conference finals They just need   Jokiam Noah, and Carlos Boozer aka The Front Court to play consentient bball.
3.    Miami Heat (5-1) – Now this is the team that will win the east. Anyone with a brain would take Lebron, Wade, and Bosh over anyone in the Association. With addition of Norris Cole, Shane Battier and a cast of healthy heatless returning to the team
they just look better than last years team. There just one reason why they are #3 instead of being #1, they don’t know how to play offense when teams play zone Until they do this where they will be all season long
4.    (4-1) – Until last Monday the blazers and the heat were undefeated. And folks were concerned with the guard position after Brandon Roy retired. But Portland plays a faster game post Roy era. Thanks to cast of guards including
Matthews, Felton, and of course Jamal Crawford this team has been the surprise of the west. But for how long can they keep this up.
5.    Atlanta Hawks (4-2)- Well I didn’t think the Hawks would be in my top 5 but they are after a surprise start, the team from Atlanta has been making waves with big wins over very good teams, and to think even after losing Jamal Crawford you would think they
would take a step back, but they didn’t thanks to a remerging career of a one Tracy Mcgrady the haws look very solid defensive. Heres my concern, and it’s the same as the Rip-city Blazers how long can they continue there winning ways