Boxing invades South Florida


by Benny Lorie

Florida Gold Coast boxing held an event last weekend at tropical park, where boxers had a chance to strut there skills in the ring. There was a lot of amateur boxers that competed, as a matter of fact over 30 of them did. All of them had a dream of one day going pro and also competing on the US Olympic team.

Fans of all ages enjoyed some very good boxing, and I gotta say I did too but for the most part, the reason why I didn’t was because I was working. But if I wasn’t I would be in the stands cheering every
fight that goes on. Also because this was my first ever time seeing live boxing. All the fights were very entertaining, plus all the behind the scenes stuff you see on pay per view including coaches game planning for there match, boxers sparing with their coaches all before the fight. From the ringing of the bell to the fans in the stands chanting, and cheering, to the referee raising the boxers hand in victory.  It made me even timagehink ‘man maybe I could one day be a boxer’. Then I realized I’m pleasantly plump and would make butterbean look like the tin man. Being there truly gave me Goosebumps.

I even interviewed some of the participants who were just as excited as I was. Well that was also because they just won their fights. But overall this was a great event. Florida gold coast boxing put on a great show, and I encourage fighters of all ages in South Florida that if you want to complete in the squared circle.

Florida Gold coast boxing will give you everything you need to succeed. There are tons of boxing gyms in South Florida that help you sharpen your tools and even help you with the fundamentals  of the game of boxing. So one day you could maybe become the next mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman among others.

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