HIP HIP Joseeeeeee !


By: Benny Lorie

I want start off by saying how much I love what I do for a living. And being a sports fan in South Florida just got a whole lot better.

But let’s first backtrack, to beginning of October late November of this year when I was asked to be a guest on a sports talk radio show and they brought up questions like who will make the playoffs and who will win it all. But then before my time was up on the show they asked me what I think about the free agent landscape in baseball and who would be the team to fear, and I told them the Miami Marlins, and I literally had everyone in the studio mocking me, and I told them my reason behind it.

The fact that they would be receiving 100% revenue for the first time in franchise history, and being in a new ballpark with Ozzie Guillen  being the new marlins manager they were gonna go heavy after the best free agents out there on the market.
Even after that was said they still mocked me, and all I told them was just wait and see.
Since the free agents were available to talk to teams the marlins were courting big names like closer Ryan Madson, 1st basemen Albert Pujols, Pitcher Mark Buehrle, shortstop Jose Reyes, and pitcher C.J. Wilson. That’s 4 of the top 10 players that are available in the market.  Still folks were skeptical about the marlins due to them never spending so much dollar dollar bills on these players.

Rightfully so, however I did believe that this would finally be the year the marlins go to Beverly Hills California  stores go on a shopping spree and make it rain free agent signings.  Even though people saw that the marlins were making waves, well that’s all they thought it was, just waves. Yet some believed maybe one player or two would join the fish.
However things and peoples opinion have changed as well because more or less about a week ago, I told some friends of mine that the marlins were gonna sign closer Heath Bell, and get Jose Reyes about a week later. Well sure enough that’s what happened. Heath Bell signed a 3 year $27 million dollar deal, and about a couple of days after they signed Jose Reyes to a 6 year, $106 million dollar deal, and they also have a 7 year option for $22 million. They say there next step is to go heavy after Albert Pujols now and give him a better contract, meaning the cardinals who offered him a 9 year deal for $209 million deal will be less than what the marlins will offer. Reportly the team will offer somewhere between $215 million and $225 million for the same 9 years plus a option for a extra year for $35 million. And baseball experts and insiders are predicting that it’s now officially between the marlins and the red birds of St. Louis.

Overall all I can say is wow, as a marlins fan this is great news, I always enjoyed baseball as a kid, and as a fan watching the marlins when I was growing up was great.  we have had our ups and our downs through the years, but now I do see the light at the end of tunnel. I truly feel that the team’s kind of aggressive go getting attitude of the new look fish is here to stay for the long haul.